For this project, I was very excited to be working with neoprene for the first time, which has been my desire for a while as it reflects my preferred structural aesthetic perfectly, is light-weight and easy-care. I researched both the study of butterflies (lepideptorology) and the technique of laser-cutting fabric. On the right-hand side is the pattern that I created in Adobe Illustrator.


I executed the modern technology of laser-cutting in the bodice part of the dress to create a cut-out, which was very exciting. The black-and-white contrast was inspired by the vintage images that I used for my mood board. Finishings were made using a double-stitch machine (a new technique that we learned on the BFA course).
Photoshoot location was Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The atmosphere was meant to convey an “urban butterfly” feeling, a fragile creature lost in the big city jungle.