The aim of this project was to create a visual narrative of a personal place of sanctuary. In my case, this was Washington Square Park. I love running there to clear my head and found the history and architecture of the park to be incredibly rich and fascinating.

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As this project was conducted in winter, I chose to use the graphic quality of my footprints in the snow for further design inspiration. This symbolised my mental reorganisation that I undergo every time that I visit the park, in terms of where I want to go in the future and the path that will take me there. One of my favourite parts of this project was the creation of creative technical flats (see below) that clearly visualised the aesthetic that I was going for. Using gradients that occurred naturally in the snow gave my project a new dimension.

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The next step in the design process was to translate the most successful 2D shapes into real-life 3D manipulations on the stand. This allowed me to figure out how they could be made into functioning garments.

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The culmination of this project was the production of a bolero jacket, inspired by the Arch in Washington Square Park. The fabric is a special kind of plastified cotton weave, reminiscent of the texture of wet snow.